Today I had a mail from someone trying an SCA example in our 1.1.2
release of the PHP SCA_SDO package....

PHP Version : 5.1.6
SDO version 1.1.2

when i executed a script, i got the following error message.

Fatal error: Uncaught SCA_RuntimeException: The remote service threw a
soap fault. The faultstring from the soap fault was: looks like we got
no XML document thrown in /usr/share/php/SCA/SCA_SoapProxy.php on line

After looking at this for a while I realized that we have a dependency
on PHP 5.2+ for the SCA part of the SCA_SDO package (the SDO part will
work on 5.1.6). To make matters worse the dependency statement on our
last release is shown as incorrect on the web site.

We can't fix this statement until the next release. Until then I will
put some notes on the sites to point this mistake out.



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