I have just put up our 1.2.0 release on the PECL site. The release
contents are as described in 
(We decided after creating the page to call the release 1.2.0 not
1.1.3 but can't rename the page). They include several new bindings.

This code is all in HEAD and tagged as RELEASE_1_2_0.

Don't use BUZZARD any more. Somehow I managed to remove the contents
of the various Bindings directories as I was moving the files about
between BUZZARD and HEAD. I will put them back to be tidy but not
right now.

The phpt and phpunit tests all run fine for me. The examples all run
fine for me on WIndows, but some of the SCA examples (if you copy the
examples directory to under your htdocs, then go to
http://localhost/examples/SCA/index.html) fail with a 404 under Linux.
We'll find out why soon.

Happy SCA-ing!

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