Congrats on the new release!  1.2 is a major step forward.  Awesome


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> Subject: [phpsoa] Release 1.2.0 has just gone up
> I have just put up our 1.2.0 release on the PECL site. The release
> contents are as described in
> (We decided after creating the page to call the release 1.2.0 not
> 1.1.3 but can't rename the page). They include several new bindings.
> This code is all in HEAD and tagged as RELEASE_1_2_0.
> Don't use BUZZARD any more. Somehow I managed to remove the contents
> of the various Bindings directories as I was moving the files about
> between BUZZARD and HEAD. I will put them back to be tidy but not
> right now.
> The phpt and phpunit tests all run fine for me. The examples all run
> fine for me on WIndows, but some of the SCA examples (if you copy the
> examples directory to under your htdocs, then go to
> http://localhost/examples/SCA/index.html) fail with a 404 under Linux.
> We'll find out why soon.
> Happy SCA-ing!
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