I've just checked the ebaysoap binding into HEAD.  I've also checked
in a couple of samples into the examples directory.  There's a readme
in the examples directory that briefly describes how to get started.

The binding's pretty easy to use, removing the need for the coder to
work with soap headers and url query string parameters.  The following
is a short example showing how to call the GetSearchResults operation:

// Get a proxy to the eBay soap API
$ebay = SCA::getService('eBaySvc.wsdl', 'ebaysoap', array('config' =>

// Create the query input parameters
$request = $ebay->createDataObject('urn:ebay:apis:eBLBaseComponents',
$request->Version = 495;
$request->Query = 'ipod';
$request->Pagination->EntriesPerPage = 10;

// Make the call
$results = $ebay->GetSearchResults($request);

// Iterate through the results
foreach ($results->SearchResultItemArray as $search_result_items) {
    foreach ($search_result_items as $search_result_item) {
        foreach ($search_result_item->Item as $name => $value)
        echo "<b>{$name}</b> $value<br/>";

I've excluded the code from the packaging, so it shouldn't go into
1.2.1.  Any feedback, good or bad, would be appreciated.

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