On 12 Jul, 12:31, Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Umm, that may work in the contect of bug10049, because the value of the
> "customer" property is null ... but in general it's going to leak like
> mad, because FREE_ZVAL just frees the container, not the contents.
> You're right that this is where the problem lies though - because I'm
> expecting that the refcount will be 1 at this point, and it's actually
> 0, so the contents are not getting cleared. Thanks.

What's a little leaking between friends :D. Sorry, I wasn't even
thinking about that.
I do have a question about the change though. Is there any possibility
that EG(uninitialized_zval_ptr) would ever be returned for either
value, as its probably not a good idea to be playing around with that.
Conceptual I wouldn't think so if you are comparing 2 SDO objects, but
I'm not fluents in its internal workings to know for sure.


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