On 11 Jul, 11:02, Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> The pecl bug about the disappearing output on Linux with 5.2.3
> (http://pecl.php.net/bugs/bug.php?id=11388) remains open, in the hope
> that someone who's seeing the problem will investigate further.

I had looked at this one the other day. ext/soap was changed for 5.2.3
to use SG(request_info).raw_post_data (which doesn't get set running
in CLI mode) instead of pulling HTTP_RAW_POST_DATA from the symbol
table. So, when handle is called there is no input message to process
and the SoapServer doesn't do anything.

I did have to however make some changes to the source to get things
change in commonj/sdo/SDOSchemaSAX2Parser.h was required to compile
(Fedora 6)
change in SDO_DataObject.cpp was for a memleak (bug10049.phpt was
failing due to leak messages) - though not sure what would happen is
returned if EG(uninitialized_zval_ptr) is passed to compare_function.

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