I just thought I would raise this in case anyone had seen anything

The following little script is crashing for me, both under Zend Studio
and under Apache. If I take out the last line - assignment into the
session - I no longer get a crash. And if I add the document $doc into
the session instead of the SDO $cart it works fine. I guess I have to
always add the document, not the SDO.

include "SCA/SCA.php";
$xmldas = SDO_DAS_XML::create(dirname(__FILE__) . '/../Schema/
$doc = $xmldas->createDocument('cart');
$new_cart =  $doc->getRootDataObject();
$item = $new_cart->createDataObject('item');
$item->itemId = 1;
$item->quantity = 1;
$item->description = "My very own item";
$_SESSION['cart'] = $new_cart;

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