> Hello NG,
> I am pretty new to SCA (I read about it in PHP-Magazin thie year and
> want
> to use it in my project).
> What i want to do is, to access a SOAP Service, hosteted on a SSL-
> protected
> Server, which requires a client certificate?
> Is there a chance or will I have to use SoapClient instead I found no
> information about it on the homepage? Will I have to create an own
> binding?
> The easiest thing would be, to extend Class "SCA_Bindings_soap_Proxy"
> with the functionality
> to give the SoapClient user defined options.

Stefan, I also needed to do this a while back, actually while using the 
Atompub binding rather than soap - see 
http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.php.sca-sdo/434/focus=455. So in this 
case I'm afraid I just hacked the binding, as noted in the referenced 
article, but the good news is that it did work for me.

For soap it's a bit different under the covers, as you say, because SCA 
would need to exploit the behaviour of the SoapClient rather than use 
cURL, but I'd hope that  a common annotation could be devised. I know 
this has been discussed in the past - is there anyone working on it?

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