Disclaimer: I've never done this...

Looking at the docs for the Soap Extension it seems you need to
specify two entries in the "options" on the soap client constructor.
These could be added as annotations that the binding understands:

 * @reference
 * @binding.soap
 * @local_cert <location of the certificate>
 * @passphrase <the passphrase>
 public $the_secure_service;

Extensions I made to support the ebaysoap binding mean that these
values would get passed through to the soap binding, so we could
extend the soap support to pass them through to the SoapClient.  We
could do this for all the extra configuration of the soap client. The
down side would be that these annotation names would be determined by
the soap client, and might not be as we would like.

A slightly different approach would be to use an ini file, as is done
by the ebaysoap support (actually, it supports both).  We could just
read all the name value pairs out of the ini, validate them and put
them into the SoapClient.  Ebaysoap does this and then uses the
annotations as a way to override the values in the ini.

Unfortuantely, I don't have the time at the moment to do this, but if
anyone is interested, the ebaysoap binding code would be a good place
to start.


On 6 Dec, 17:06, Caroline Maynard <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hello NG,
> > I am pretty new to SCA (I read about it in PHP-Magazin thie year and
> > want
> > to use it in my project).
> > What i want to do is, to access a SOAP Service, hosteted on a SSL-
> > protected
> > Server, which requires a client certificate?
> > Is there a chance or will I have to use SoapClient instead I found no
> > information about it on the homepage? Will I have to create an own
> > binding?
> > The easiest thing would be, to extend Class "SCA_Bindings_soap_Proxy"
> > with the functionality
> > to give the SoapClient user defined options.
> Stefan, I also needed to do this a while back, actually while using the
> Atompub binding rather than soap - 
> seehttp://thread.gmane.org/gmane.comp.php.sca-sdo/434/focus=455. So in this
> case I'm afraid I just hacked the binding, as noted in the referenced
> article, but the good news is that it did work for me.
> For soap it's a bit different under the covers, as you say, because SCA
> would need to exploit the behaviour of the SoapClient rather than use
> cURL, but I'd hope that  a common annotation could be devised. I know
> this has been discussed in the past - is there anyone working on it?
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