Lady and Gentlemen :)

I am trying to consume a SSL secured web service and I need to use a
certificate to even get to the WSDL.

I was doing changes in the SCA_Bindings_soap_Proxy to accept the
local_cert and passphrase, but after the first attempt I realized that
it may not be enough to do the job, as I believe the SDO_DAS_XML is
responsible for parsing the contents of the WSDL and thus it needs to
use the certificate as well.

Please let me know if I am wrong in my assumption, otherwise, does
anyone know a way to get around this problem? (So far I am trying to
download all the WSDL by hand and modifying the "import"s in the XSD's
to point to my server. No luck so far.)

Appreciate you help. This is a high priority for me.


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