Thank you, it's very good to have such an implementation now. PHPTAL's need for more speed can finally be realized!

Speaking of SVN... How does access to contribution's to the current PHPTAL svn work? Who's in charge of the repository at the moment?

Please keep us updated about further changes here on the list?

Thanks once again,

Rodrigo Moraes wrote:
Today I finally created a demo of PHPTAL working with a PHP DOM
parser, and sent it to a temporary GoogleCode repository. Here's the

It is a very rough demo and I can only assure that the "First example"
from the manual will work. :) My purpose was to see if there is still
interest to discuss this idea. In a quick and dirty benchmark parsing
the example template 1000 times, the DOM parser was 73% faster then
the current parser. Well, speed is not the only thing to consider, but
I thought you'd be interested to know this.

I started this from scratch today taking PHPTAL 1.1.9 as base (in my
previous try I changed it too much to be useful to the community).
There's a lot to be done, but I wanted to start with something and
hear your thoughts. Compared to 1.1.9, only these files were changed
for the demo:

- PHPTAL_Dom_Parser
- PHPTAL_Dom_Defs
- PHPTAL_Php_CodeGenerator
- PHPTAL_Php_Node
- PHPTAL_Php_Attribute

And except by *_Parser and *_Defs, all files from the Dom directory
were removed.

that's it. let me know what do you think. :)

-- rodrigo

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