There are issues with DOM itself:
- it doesn't report line numbers for elements, so error messages (other than parse errors) can't include them. Not very user- friendly :(

It does! Just need to disable libxml error reporting, so no warnings etc are generated, then pull the errors by hand.

But is there a way to get line number of any element if there were no parse errors? Things like invalid TALES expressions need to report line number, but aren't libxml's concern.

Then we validate using XML Schema or RelaxNG ;)

It's not possible (e.g. there can be runtime errors caused by invalid data, there can be user-defined expression modifiers, etc.)

What DOCTYPE do you suggest? Document with XHTML DTD and TAL attributes won't be valid, so something else is necessary.

No... well... could in theory append an HTML doctype to the document, or an inline DTD with the entitiy definitions. Not a big problem :)

That wouldn't be more elegant than hack there is currently (which is a regular expression that replaces entity names with numeric references).

However optional parentheses with arguments for function calls sound like a good idea. This can be done without a complete rewrite of PHPTAL :)

But we should still do that! ;)

Seriously, I'll be able to help with this stuff. Can dedicate a good amount of time if we decide to start over, making proper plans, roadmaps, feature sets etc. It would be an excellent effort I think.

I'm all for writing PHPTAL 2, but I'm not so keen on doing it from scratch. I don't want to create dilemma when users have to choose between version that is stable, feature-complete, but old and unmaintained and a new one that's still work-in-progress.

Current code isn't very bad (worst parts are like 0.0001 on osCommerce scale ;) and has a nice test suite that helps refactoring a lot.

I suggest that we replace current PHPTAL's code piece-by-piece (replace dom parser, tales parser, code-generator, etc.), and eventually we'll end up with completely new code, but in the meantime, there always will be one usable version available.

regards, Kornel

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