I am about to embark on the rather burdensome quest of refactoring a semi-large codebase (poMMo) to utilize PHPTAL as its template engine (vs. Smarty).

One of the reasons I want to switch from SMARTY is to alleviate the requirement of a writable directory (smarty requires this for compiling templates... and doesn't really provide an out-of-box database backend as a workaround).

Having users set proper permissions on a "working" directory crosses eyes... let alone the introduces the possibility of a security risk as "777" is the lowest common denominator here!

I also very much like less-logic approach of ZPT... as it too has the propensity to cross less eyes.

Lastly, it's a push to embrace PHP 5 and drop PHP 4 support...

That said; does PHPTAL have any working directory requirements -- e.g. where the webserver would need write permission to a specified directory? I see that there is caching control -- is this handled by PHP's temporary / session file handling storage?

Many thanks!

~ Brice

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