Hi all!

I'm designing some feedback functionality to MidCOM 3 MVC framework. I ran into to a problem with translator and I would like to ask if my approach is feasible.

MidCOM 3 uses datamanager - called component to handle form data input. If some form field's validation fails, it re-displays form and puts error messages in place. Generally error messages are generated on the fly. What I want to do is following:


<input type='text' name='somthing' value='False value'>
<p i18n:translate="">${some_error_message}</p>


The "some_error_message"'s content is defined in the PHP code. Same message also has it's gettext translations.

Now that approach gives "interpolation error, var "com_rohea_testing/ errormessages/keytest" not set. If I try to directly output that variable "com_rohea_testing/errormessages/keytest", it works perfectly well and gives the string that need to get translated.

Is this approach possible and if not what is the possible way to do this?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards
Tero Heikkinen

Tero Heikkinen

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