> You could probably make it even nicer by writing your own expression
> http://phptal.motion-twin.com/manual/en/split/ar06s08.html

> (e.g. ${structure checkbox:foo} is possible)

Thank you Kornel,
this seems to be quite nice solution.

I wrote custom expression modifier:

function phptal_tales_this($src, $nothrow) {
            $src = 'this->' . trim($src);
            require_once PHPTAL_DIR.'PHPTAL/Php/Transformer.php';
            return PHPTAL_Php_Transformer::transform($src, '$ctx->');

so I can now use in my templates:

${structure this:foo()}

which looks similar to Zend's way (<?= $this->foo() ?>)

But how to "get rid" of this 'structure' keyword?
I wrote a simple pre-filter, to add 'structure' automatically,
but this is not most elegant way.

best wishes,
Urša Baričević
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