On 06-08-2009 at 18:48:46 Richard Cernava <cern...@gmail.com> wrote:

  I'm at a loss to find a method to disable PHPTAL parsing for a block of
XML/HTML. I am aware that there placing anything in a comment removes it exempts
it from being parsed, but I have not found another method.

What I'm wanting to do is as follows:

<div tal:no-parse="true">

Am I totally missing this?

I'm not sure what exactly do you want.

If you want to output ${abc} literally on the page, then write $${abc}. There's no attribute for this.

If you want to hide content of an element, then <div tal:replace=""> will work (and if you wrap content in <![CDATA[ ]]>, you won't need to worry about closing tags, etc. inside the element).

regards, Kornel

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