Hi all,

Well, we here at Namesco are working hard to get a release package together for 
the Zend/PHPTal integration 'glue' we've developed for our own internal 
codebase (which we've called ZTal) and this has full integration with 
Zend_Form. As such it includes a large number of macros for rendering different 
form elements - although, of course, they expect to be given a Zend_Form object 
:) Even if you are not using Zend it should be reasonably easy to re-use the 
macros :)

The code is ready but the documentation is rather lacking so at a guess I'd say 
it will be a few days before we release. I'll obviously let everyone know when 
everything is live :)


On 2 Aug 2010, at 19:27, Richard Dyce wrote:

> Hi,
> Just a pre-re-invent-the-wheel inquiry... Does anyone have an example of 
> macros for formatting form fields in phptal?
> I have an older framework which create field objects based on the data and 
> type, and populates them from a simple array:
> e.g.
> <?php
>  $fields = array(
>    'id'        => array('label'=>'',      'type'=>'hidden', 'value'=>2),
>    'name' => array('label'=>'Name',  'type'=>'text',   'value'=>'John Smith'),
>    'user'    => array('label'=>'Owner', 'type'=>'select', 
> 'valuelist'=>array(1,2,3), 'value'=>2)
>    );
> ?>
> It seems daft me to duplicate the logic twice over, and it appears that 
> phptal might be able to handle it with some repeats and templating. But 
> before I tie myself in knots over this, has anyone already done it, or tried 
> it and found the gotcha ;-)
> Thanks,
> R
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