Am 23.08.2010 23:12, schrieb romtek:
For me, the biggest benefit of using PHPTAL is being able to view the code
in WYSIWYG programs. Having a template system in which there are many macros
calling each other on several levels defeats this purpose. I think that in
some cases using pure PHP code may be a better way. The topic being
discussed in this thread seems to fall into this category.

In general I fully agree. One thing being absolut nice in PHPTAL is that a template is basically just some enriched XHTML.

On the other hand forms make up a good amount of real life work, and the PHPTAL template easily gets quite complex/ugly when you need to create a <select> with <option> and at the same time mark the correct entry with selected="selected".

So having some macros/shotcuts for this pupose seems to be quite a reasonable "feature-request". Currently I guess everyone is tackling this issue with "his own flavor", having a "common approach" would be quite nice.

Another similar problem is the requirement of having some hashes and additional data that is calculated based on the active form-fields and controller-settings (prior and next action, required fields, ...). This data needs to be added in hidden-fields. For calculation it needs to know which form elements with which names are contained in the form. I'd really like to have an easy mechnismen in PHPTAL to accomplish this. Until now I didn't find a really comfortable approach on getting this done.


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