Hi there,

I just remenbered that this felt into my Inbox some time ago. Perhaps
this could help you, Grant? This guy seams to have some luck...

here is a modification to your pretty_print_metar function that
will let it work more easily

function pretty_print_metar($metar, $location, $direct) {
  global $strings;
  if ($direct) {
    printf($strings['pretty_print_metar'], $minutes_old, $gmtime,
$wind_str, $location, $temp_c, $temp_f, $altimeter_hpa,
$altimeter_inhg, $rel_humidity, $sky_str, $visibility,
$runway_str, $weather_str, $prec_str, $temp_str);
  } else {
    $res=sprintf($strings['pretty_print_metar'], $minutes_old,
$gmtime, $wind_str, $location, $temp_c, $temp_f, $altimeter_hpa,
$altimeter_inhg, $rel_humidity, $sky_str, $visibility,
$runway_str, $weather_str, $prec_str, $temp_str);
    return $res;

so if  I send something like pretty_print_metar($metar,
$location, 1) it does it's normal thing otherwise
it returns a string that I can put in my websites themeable

You can view it on my web site at

Unless I here from you shortly I plan to redistribute your
program with this modification as a weather module for PHP-Nuke.

Thanks for your great program

Best regards,
Martin Geisler

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