I have a dial-up connection to the Net. I tried PHP Weather 1.5.5
before connect, and received the following errors:

"Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid File-Handle resource in
  phpweather.inc on line 367"

"  ... on line 368"
"  ... on line 368"

The last line was repeated endlessly until I stopped it.

(with a Net connection the program works)

As I previously said, I'm a newbie to PHP, so I can't repair this.
I must admit that the proxy what I should use is regularly broken,
then I receive other error messages...

- It would be good to handle connection errors, informing the user
about the problems.

- It would be also good to test the program without Net connection,
just to see what it does.

My little project to translate PHP Weather into Hungarian is in
progress. I hope it will be useable in newer versions, as well!

- How can I force the program to produce every possible text

I need this because in the translation I should see the whole sentence
to translate it correctly. (Hungarian language has a different

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