> GYULAI Mihaly írta, 2001-06-21, 19:37-kor kelt levelében, ami 39 sorból állt:
> > I have a dial-up connection to the Net. I tried PHP Weather 1.5.5
> > before connect, and received the following errors:
> > 
> > "Warning: Supplied argument is not a valid File-Handle resource in
> > on line 367"
> > 
> > "  ... on line 368"
> > "  ... on line 368"

Well... PHP Weather is supposed to be used on a webserver, which means
that it assumes that it has a connection to the Internet.

I just tried setting the $proxy_host variable to all sorts of strange
things, and I didn't receive any errors. I then turned all warnings on
with 'error_reporting(E_ALL);' but that didn't reveal anything.

Does the errors go away, if you add a '@' in front of the fsockopen()
> I partly caused the error by setting the proxy, as I use PHP Weather
> at 2 places (with different proxies, of course)!
> It's interesting that at home I can use PHP Weather without fiddling
> with proxy settings... (at home it's disabled in
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