> Overall I am quite impressed.  I am running xpath.class.php on a
> hurricane electric dual-PIII server and I have some good results as well
> as some bad.  Building up the tree for a 1,000 line (fair complex) xml
> file takes 0.17 seconds and to dump it back out directly to either a
> string or file takes 0.13 seconds, so a total of 0.3 seconds, which is
> pretty darn quick for 1000 lines.  Adding children and attributes takes
> no time at all and is neglible in the results.  Evaluating can be
> tricky...for 1000 lines it can take up to 0.27 seconds, depending on
> where the node is located for 1000 lines.  The extremely variable (and
> slow) feature is the removeChild function, which if removing a child at
> the end of a set of nodes, takes almost no time at all (0.03 seconds)
> but if it is at the beginning, (0.4 seconds)  So to process a 1000 line
> XML file with a few modifications here and there, takes about 1 second
> if the modifications are involved with heavy evaluating and removing,
> and as fast as 0.3 seconds if the modifications deal soley with adding
> and modifying.
> So, thoughts on the removeChild function, any way to make this faster?

Can I ask exactly which version of the class you were using?  I ask because
CVS version 1.9 (1.N.5 was 1.6) got a major re-write of the removechild()
function.  I'd love to hear you say that you did your testing on a version
previous to this :o)  We've been aware for several months now that
removeChild was a very weak function...

Revision : 1.9
Date : 2001/9/30 2:56:32
Author : 'nigelswinson'
State : 'Exp'
Lines : +144 -80
Description :
Major re-write of the removeChild() function. It had developed some fairly
major bugs, ie when called it would delete the entire $nodes array.

Also fixed some bugs in the _export function

Thanks for your kind comments too :o).


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