Hi Jörg,

Jörg Selbach schrieb:
> are there any plans for an OpenGL implementation of the Java
> Piccolo2D?

not that I know of. I vaguely remember that I deleted some *gl folder
when cleaning up the svn tree. But I can't find it in the history. It
was empty anyhow.

> I'm asking, because we are using Piccolo in a research program at the
> Technical University Munich, that makes rather heavy use of it. If you
> have many thousand nodes, the performance gets a bit on the slow
> side ;)
> If there are no such plans, I'd like to volunteer to do this (as I
> probably could get it accepted as a student research project).
> Any interest? ;)

Yes, from my side there's at least curiosity in how the overall design
could benefit from a switchable render pipe.

Greetings to the TUM,


P.S.: I'm located in Munich - if you like we can meet face-to-face. And
in january I'll do a brief presentation of p2d at the JUGM.

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