Willis Morse schrieb:
> The emulator targets existing MIDP devices  
> for now (whatever that means; I don't do much with mobile).

That's Java Micro Edition (J2ME) - runs on almost any cellphone
(excluding iPhone & Android) but there's no active software market
beyond gaming AFAIK.

> I'll ask about android and iphone specifically.

That's great!


> On Dec 2, 2008, at 6:55 AM, M. Rohrmoser wrote:
>> Willis Morse schrieb:
>>> Hi all -
>>> I have an opportunity to phone in on the JavaFX pre-release technical
>>> briefing tomorrow (Tuesday) morning, and I'm told I will have an
>>> opportunity to ask questions.
>>> Does anyone have any questions the would like me to pose?
>> If you get the mail in time - you might ask 'em about iPhone/ 
>> Android. As
>> there's no JVM for the two of them AFAIK - will JavaFX come to these
>> devices?

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