The word from Josh is:

I have no news on Android or Iphone other than what the marketing guys  
said in a recent episode of the "Not Your Grandpa's Java" podcast,  
which is that we plan to make FX apps run on Android. This was also  
show at JavaOne.  I have no news on the license either. I expect that  
will be in the final FAQ on the website on Thursday.

On Dec 2, 2008, at 1:23 PM, Michael Heuer wrote:

> M. Rohrmoserwrote:
>> Willis Morse schrieb:
>>> The emulator targets existing MIDP devices
>>> for now (whatever that means; I don't do much with mobile).
>> That's Java Micro Edition (J2ME) - runs on almost any cellphone
>> (excluding iPhone & Android) but there's no active software market
>> beyond gaming AFAIK.
>>> I'll ask about android and iphone specifically.
>> That's great!
> I have done a little messing around with the Android SDK.  It would be
> nice to see Piccolo2D on there, but the SDK is missing many of the
> Java2D and AWT event classes that Piccolo2D builds on.
>   michael
> >

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