Samuel Robert Reid wrote:

> My group and I have found that the buffering in PSwing.paint can cause
> rendering problems, such as the slider knob doesn't render on OS X 10.5
> (if there are ticks or labels on the slider).  Also, I don't see the
> advantage of buffering in PSwing.paint, since the intermediate buffer is
> directly rendered to the screen anyways.  It seems like drawing directly
> to the Graphics2D in the PPaintContext would be faster, rather than
> drawing to a new buffered image then drawing that to the Graphics2D.
> Any reasons we shouldn't remove this layer of buffering?

Is there a particular example or test case that we could use to
compare the two implementations on different platforms?

There are several related issues:

PSwing components cause extraneous redraws

PSwing doesn't work with certain swing components (tooltips,
drop-downs, scrollbars (on mouse off), etc.)

JSlider fails to render knob icon under Intel Macs in Java 1.5

Is the latter one fixed with your suggested change?


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