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New issue 89 by allain.lalonde: Low Test Coverage of PNode

When I started running some code metrics on PNode, I found that it had a
instruction coverage (as opposed to line coverage) of 45.6%.  A scary
number considering PNode is the core to the entire library :|. No to say
that it hasn't performed exceptionally well regardless, but just that in
this particular way, some improvement (which I'm more than happy to do
could be made).

Attached you will find a patch that bumps the instruction coverage up to
90.1% and adds 100 (hopefully quality) unit tests on top of the existing 11.

A couple minor changes were needed to get the number as high as it is, and
some more drastic changes will be needed to get it higher (I think). Those
changes are found in issue 86, but I've kept position so that I didn't
break the previous interface. I've marked position as @deprecated though.

Let me know what you think.

        pnode-tests.diff  47.2 KB

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