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        Owner: allain.lalonde
        Labels: Type-Defect Priority-Medium Effort-Medium 
Component-Core Milestone-1.3

Comment #1 on issue 88 by heuermh: toImage doesn't return an image of the  
proper size

Hmm, this is one of those cases where having final method parameters

     public Image toImage(final int width, final int height, final Paint  

instead of

     public Image toImage(int width, int height, Paint backGroundPaint)

may have helped prevent the problem.

Either width or height is rescaled, so if the node's fullBounds is not  
square you may
not get what you asked for.  I think all that's needed here is some  
clarification to
the javadoc, and test cases that cover the different conditions (i.e.  
narrow full
bounds, square full bounds, wide full bounds).

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