I don't have access to a mac but would someone with access to it
please try replacing PSwing's paint method with the following and
telling me if it works?

    public void paint(Graphics2D g2) {
        if (component.getBounds().isEmpty()) {
            // The component has not been initialized yet.

        PSwingRepaintManager manager = (PSwingRepaintManager)

        RenderingHints oldHints = g2.getRenderingHints();




Thank you.

On Jul 14, 1:24 am, codesite-nore...@google.com wrote:
> Comment #5 on issue 83 by samrreid: PSwing are fuzzy when scale!=1, due to  
> buffering of the PSwinghttp://code.google.com/p/piccolo2d/issues/detail?id=83
> My team and I tried removing buffering from PSwing; however, it caused a  
> problem that
> some swing components (buttons, labels, etc) rendered with a '...' on Mac.  
> That is,
> instead of a button reading "Press Me", on a Mac, some unbuffered PSwings  
> would read
> something like "Press M...".  So we have re-enabled buffering in PSwing in  
> our local
> copy and recommend not disabling buffering until this problem is resolved.
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