Status: Started
Owner: allain.lalonde
Labels: Type-Enhancement Priority-Medium Effort-Low Toolkit-Piccolo2D.Java  
Component-Core Milestone-1.3 Maintainability

New issue 99 by allain.lalonde: PNode.toString refactoring

With all of its string concatenation and null value checking,
PNode.paramString is a bug magnet. I'd suggest that anything we can do to
make it easier for users subclassing PNode, the better.

Attached you will find a patch that changes PNode's toString method to use a
PParamStringBuilder object instead. It makes writing nicer toStrings  
and drops cyclomatic complexity of the whole code base to boot.

To retain binary compatability, I've made it use paramString() in case users
had already implemented classes making use of it, but it has been marked as

        PNode.toString-refactoring.diff  22.3 KB

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