final on parameters protects us from writing to them from within

FindBugs and PMD (I think) both flag this behaviour as problematic and
catch many others in the process.

If, and it's a big one, we target reducing the # of warnings being
flagged by these tools, bugs introduced by not having final get caught
anyway (along with countless others).

I think adding final in a context where FindBugs failures breaks the
build is unnecessary.

That said, adding final to parameters doesn't hinder anything, it just
adds verbosity for something that FindBugs and PMD would both disallow

Not dead set against it, and the code will end up higher quality in
the end no matter, I'm just stating my dislike for blanket covering a
codebase with final when it's not necessary with a good development

Just my 2 cents.

On Jul 28, 8:42 am, wrote:
> Comment #3 on issue 110 by samrreid: Syntactical code 
> clean
> I presume that (3) doesn't entail making any classes or non-private methods  
> final
> (none should be).  What reasons has allain.lalonde given for not  
> using 'final' where
> possible?  They don't appear in this thread.  I agree that final parameters  
> and
> variables (and fields where possible) are safer than the mutable form, and  
> that it is
> worth the increase in verbosity.
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