Many thanx for the tip.

I've done that (issue 131) and tested what you suggest (in the
constructor)... However, I'm not very confident that it goes in the
right direction (I'm not very experienced with swing/awt).

Of course I can add an adjustmentlistener in the PScrollPane
constructor but then I'd need to overload setVerticalScrollBar() and
setHorizontalScrollBar() from JScrollPane to make sure that:
- I remove the listener before I get rid of the old ScrollBar
- and reassign/reset this listener to the newly added ScrollBar...

Is this really it ? Are there any other methods that require to be
patched/overriden (other than setXXXScrollBar() ) ?

Another thing that makes me believe there could be a smarter solution
is that PScrollPane uses a Component in its constructor, not a PCanvas
(is it meant to be used with anything else ?)... This requires extra
verifications in the listener because setInteracting() can only be
called on PComponent/PCanvas... In this context, it seems like we are
trying to force a generic class into a specific bahaviour... but its
just a feeling...

Again, thanx for the tip, and if you feel that adding an adjustment
listener is the right way to proceed, then I'll implement it totally
and post a patch in the issue 131 tracking page.

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