I work on a research project called CZSaw <http://czsaw.ca>. It is a visual 
analytics tool for text analysis. We need a pan/zoom library that supports 
Swing components, handles Java events in a standard way, and plays well 
with Graphics2D.

I have been digging through Piccolo's API and I have been noticing what 
seems to be a lot of code that duplicates stuff provided by Graphics2D. Ie. 
graphics contexts? Lines, shapes, etc? Also, as best as I can tell Piccolo 
implements its own event system that does not play well with Swing events. 
Would the developers be able to tell me the design rationale for doing 
things this way? Is it a legacy issue? Ie. Graphics2D and things didn't 
exist when it was being written. Is it technical issue?

Why are PNodes not JComponents and handled by the Swing EDT?

I really want to avoid rolling my own library and would like to modify 
Piccolo2D to meet our needs if possible.


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