Really good work. I downloaded and compiled on my MacOS 10.5 system and it seems to work well. I made some changes to your Makefile based on what Alex has been doing with the Pico Lisp Makefile. I removed the MacOS target of 10.4 and added Os optimization level.

Do you really think that it is necessary to specify the build target under Darwin? If it is not specified one can build toward a target of 10.5.


On Apr 2, 2008, at 4:11 AM, Jon Kleiser wrote:

Hi Alex,

A tarball is now avilable here: < >


Hi Jon,

it would be quite convenient if you could provide a tarball, containing
all the files from <>. This would
make downloading a lot easier. Perhaps already with a relative path
"simul/gl/". What do you think?

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