Hi Tomas,

> since the XML declaration is optional, I would need to write:
> (or (in F (pipe (while (and (echo "<!--") (from "-->")))
>              (and (xml?) (xml))))
>     (in F (pipe (while (and (echo "<!--") (from "-->")))
>              (xml))))

Yes, this is quite inconvenient.
I didn't know that the header is optional.

> Would not it be better if the xml function simply handled it all, the
> xml declaration, comments and xml elements?
> ...
> The following code handles optional declarations and comments

Great, that's a nice solution!

I would like to put it into a file "lib/xml2.l" for the next release,
crediting you as the author (name and email). Do I have your permission?

One problem, though, I still see with comments. As they are parsed on
the tag level, they won't work if they are nested somewhere else, e.g.

   <hi a="1" <!-- comment --> b="2">

> > Is this mailing list the right place to decide such changes?
> How does current decision making work?

Good question. There's no fixed procedure, but I'd like to keep control
about what goes into the basic release, to protect it from blowing up
too much (and thus being no longer "pico").

As there is no other official forum for PicoLisp, it might be acceptable
if we consider this mailing list as the authoritative platform.

- Alex

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