Hi Tomas,

> Would not it be better to have only one function to parse xml in
> picolisp distribution?  I will have to refine it and test it more
> thouroughly though.

OK, then let's do it that way. I intended to keep two versions, because
I thought it nice to have a lightweight XML (completely without comments
then), too. But this might get confusing.

So please take your time, and send it to me when ready.

> >    <hi a="1" <!-- comment --> b="2">
> ...
> It is not a valid xml:

Didn't know that. I thought that a comment is equivalent to white space
as in other languages.

> Filtering comments by a preprocessor would not work in general
> ...
> <hi a="1" b="2">1<![CDATA[2<!-- comment -->3]]>4</hi>

I see your point.

So incorporating comments into the general parser is a good idea.

- Alex

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