Hi Tomas,

many thanks!

I did some minor changes, and attach a new version of "lib/xml.l" to
this mail.

1. There was a slight error (still '_xml2' instead of '_xml')

2. I replaced occurrences like

      (ifn (= '`(chop "DOCTYPE")
         (list (char) (char) (char) (char) (char) (char) (char)))


      (if (find '((C) (<> C (char))) '`(chop "DOCTYPE"))

   to avoid the excessive 'list'ing.

3. The case "??? echo to string?" is a bit cumbersome. There is in fact
   no proper equivalent of the 'echo' functionality in e.g. 'from'.
   Using 'pipe' is quite elegant and short, but I'm hesitating to use it
   is such a context.

      (pipe (echo "]]>") (till NIL T))

   My proposal would be

         (head -3
               (until (= '`(chop "]]>") (tail 3 (made)))
                  (link (char)) ) ) ) )

   This avoids the overhead of 'pipe', but is longer. Is this OK?

BTW, why is the

   (from "]]>") ) ) )

in the following line needed?

> 00000000: 3c64 6f63 3ef0 9080 80f4 8fbf bd3c 2f64  <doc>........</d
> 00000010: 6f63 3e                                  oc>

The first character after the '>' starts with "F0", which is not a legal
UTF-8 sequence. UTF-8 has the following structure ("doc/utf8"):

   0000 .. 007F   0xxxxxxx
   0080 .. 07FF   110xxxxx 10xxxxxx
   0800 .. FFFF   1110xxxx 10xxxxxx 10xxxxxx

The pattern 11110000 is this not possible for any (not just the first)
UTF-8 character.

- Alex

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