Hi Tomas,

> Not sure what is going on exactly but some change in v2.3.3 must have
> broken gc.  Looks like too much garbage is killing picolisp;-(

I hope not ;-)

At the moment, I suspect that it has another reason: The problems the
latest versions of GCC have with code optimization.

Henrik and I could produce a very simple example, basically consisting
only of a single call 'new', repeated in a loop, to cause 'gc' to crash.

@Henrik: Do you still have that example? I cannot find it any more :-(

It happens only on the new GCC version on Ubuntu, and only with
optimization level 2.

Which version of GCC are you using? Could you try for a moment with -O1
instead of -O2?

BTW, I know since a few years that -O3 definitely produces wrong code
(register allocation), so I switched back to -O2 then.

If -O2 is really a problem, I don't know what to do. -O2 produces more
than double as fast code as without optimization (-O0), and about 20%
faster than -O1. And I don't want to give up that speed advantage.

- Alex

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