> It is only the fault of the GCC, the only thing we know at the
> moment is that 4.2.3 is not working while 4.1.2 is working (both
> using O2).  Any versions in between have not been tested. I believe
> Alex tried with O1 on 4.2.3 and that worked too.

That must be it then, I use gcc 4.2.3 (on ubuntu).

My crashing code actually worked in picolisp-2.3.2 probably only
because I compiled it with a different version of gcc.

> Thomas let me know if you for some reason can't compile with an
> older version and I'll simply post the contents of bin compiled with
> 4.1.2 to this list.

> -O2 produces more than double as fast code as without optimization
> (-O0), and about 20% faster than -O1. And I don't want to give up
> that speed advantage.

Thanks Henrik but I can do with -O1 on my laptop.  That seems to be
working fine.



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