is there a way of cutting a circular list. for that matter how do we
manupulat cons structure. This is one of the places where things in
Pico do not work like I expect.

(set 'A (1 2 3 4))
(set 'B (cdr A))

Now in Common Lisp I can do:
(setf (cdr A) nil)

and I will get:
A = (1)
B = (2 3 4)

But in Picolisp if I do
(set (cdr A) NIL)

I end up with

A = (1 NIL 3 4)
B = (NIL 3 4)

do I have a way to get the CommonLisp like behaviour in Pico Lisp?

the goal is to take a list build by fifo and turn it into a normal
list starting at the 2nd element.

so instead of (4 1 2 3 .)
I get (1 2 3 4)



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