Hi Alex,

I was just wondering what the current status of 64 bit picolisp is.
I;m on a 64 bit system which for the moment has prevented me from
trying out Thomas's Async read and write code.

I'm working on a 32 bit chroot enviornment to run pico in for now, but
it would be nice to go native.

Does the larger cell size mean that there is an extra unneeded bit on
every pointer, which could be used as an additional flag bit. For say
floating point numbers?

I ask the latter as this is the one of the two points I could see
Picolisp being flamed for, when it gets sufficently popular. The other
is use of dynamic scope, though i suspect we agree on this one, its a
design decision live with it.

Floating point (for all its faults) dosn't stike me as being in the
same, design decision boat.



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