On Thu, Oct 16, 2008 at 10:24:40PM +1100, konrad Zielinski wrote:
> And now back to questions about 64 bit picolisp:
> Is switching to an assembler going to mean the demise of gcc.l ?
> Are we going to see inline picoLisp Assembler instead?O

Yes, the current version of "gcc.l" will not work any longer :-(

It is possible to design a similar mechanism, writing inline assembly
instead of C, and calling 'as' instead of 'gcc'. But I'm not sure if
this is the right way to go.

In any case, I have a concept of a generic call to C functions in
arbitrary external libraries.

And I'm sure we will have plenty of other ideas when time comes ;-)

> How is a new assembler based version of Picolisp going to affect 32
> bit platforms. I imagine they are going to be arround for quite a
> number of decades yet?

Yes, I don't see 3.0 in production use for the near future, and I'll
support both versions as long as they are needed. I can probably not
switch all my customers to another version anyway.

- Alex

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