Hi Alex,

Now that I have Xubuntu working properly, and 8.10 supports UMTS as a
mature networking component, I see the real need for an optimized
network router. The user level network manager doesn't start until
after the user has logged in. That is generally late on a PC - it
gives multiple users the opportunity to have different networking
configurations and for a single user to dynamically and manually
control what is going on. I feel, however, that that is generally not
what (at least) I want.

I would like a utility that starts very early in the boot-up process
and measures signals and determines which networks are available. Then
based on speed and costs sets up routing to use the most optimal

A utility that starts early could configure networking early, and all
of the usual system level stuff (such as NTP) could start up, long
before a user logs in.

I propose the following:

Ethernet module: ifconfig, etc. - without routing
UMTS module: startup pppd - without routing
WLAN module: wpa_supplicant, etc. - without routing
Routing module: checks what is available and modifies routing.
Configuration module: web-based GUI

Ideally, it switches between modules as necessary.

Alex, I have seen something like this before, I think I could
implement it pretty easily. It might give me a chance to do some
programming again, obviously, I'd use picolisp

Then I remove the user level NetworkManager.

- Rand

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