Hi Alex,

> There is already something rudimentary (and which I don't really
> understand), and that is that 'avahi' daemon (we talked about that some
> time ago). Don't know how far it goes, but it looks like it runs before
> any user is logged in.
avahi is a system for finding out what services are available on a network
after you are connected, such as other computers, printers, etc.  It goes
to work *after* the network connection has been made.

ONR (optimized network router) will determine which physical network(s)
are available and connect to the "best" one.

I propose using the OpenDNS servers permanently, one could also use
"bind" to optimize DNS lookups. Thus, the only dynamic part will be changing
default routes. And I don't expect it to be real dynamic, thus, a changed
route would cause lost connections. There was once an idea to use a loopback
connection so that endpoint addresses don't change, but that is rather
complicated and probably not worth the effort.  If one were using a VPN
with fixed addresses over the dynamic route, that would more or less
come for free - but that's all overkill.  I just want my networking to start
early and not have to wait for it *after* I log in.

- Rand

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