Hi Randall,

> mature networking component, I see the real need for an optimized
> network router. The user level network manager doesn't start until
> before a user logs in.

Yes, indeed.

There is already something rudimentary (and which I don't really
understand), and that is that 'avahi' daemon (we talked about that some
time ago). Don't know how far it goes, but it looks like it runs before
any user is logged in.

> Alex, I have seen something like this before, I think I could

Hehe, me too ;-)

> implement it pretty easily. It might give me a chance to do some
> programming again, obviously, I'd use picolisp

Good idea. I'm interested to help.

> Then I remove the user level NetworkManager.

And I could do the same. I'm also unhappy with it currently. Let's see!

- Alex

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