Hi Alex,

> Another possibility is to use a separate set of reserved variables,
> and build the association list from their values.

what do you mean?

> Why do you not want these variables be assigned? Using such global
> variables is the simplest and most efficient solution in most cases. I
> do not see a problem with it, as you can control which variables are
> used, and thus avoid possible conflicts.

I do not want these variables assigned as I do not have under control
what I get on the request (their names, number etc.).  It is a 3rd
party protocol and having them on a list would be more suitable than
digging through 3rd party API and 'allow'ing long list of variables
that could even clash with picolisp names.

> If you have a routine for modifying '_htSet',

Not sure how that would look like.  Maybe modifying @lib/http.l
directly is simpler.

Thank you for explanation,


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