Hi Alex,

> For this there is another mechanism in '_htSet': If the name does not
> start with '*', the corresponding value is stored in the 'http' property
> of that symbol. This will avoid conflicts with existing symbols.

I'll have a look at that, thanks.

> Storing these symbols in '*Allow' is still required, though. Perhaps a
> bit paranoid? But your application must know these names in advance
> anyway, as it has to process them, so it would not hurt to put them into
> '*Allow'. You can also add such symbols with 'allow' dynamically at
> runtime.

My application does not need to know all of them, just some subset is
needed.  However, having the list of all received key/value pairs is
still useful for logging, for example.

One more question;-) If I have an assoc list, what is the best way to
store it in the picolisp database?  Using +Any or +String (and
converting it manually)?

Thank you,


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