Hi Kriangkrai,

> I've found a way to make it works, but only when I load the file in
> the PicoLisp prompt, not when the file is loaded from command-line
> argument.
> ...
> Do you have more hint?

So the difference must be whether the console was set to raw mode or

When the PicoLisp command line prompt appears, the function 'key' is
called internally by the line editor. Key calls setRaw() (basically the
same as (raw T)).

When you call a script directly, the console is not (yet) set to raw

Perhaps you should experiment with (raw NIL) and (raw T)?

I also did some more experiments this morning in the code of 'call', but
without success. If I take out the setpgid() and tcsetpgrp() calls,
either 'vim' does not work any more, or SIGSTOP will not be handled
correctly :-(

- Alex
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