Hi Jon,

> I would like to try the 64-bit assembly version, but when I do the (cd
> src64; make) on my Mac, I get this:

Great! The Mac users seem to be the first ones who dare to try it ;-)
This is good, because I cannot manage the "port" by myself.

> If I then create sys/darwin.code.l and sys/darwin.defs.l as copies of
> sys/linux.*.l, and repeat the (cd src64; make), I get this:
> make: ./mkAsm: Command not found

I think this is because 'mkAsm' does not find a suitable 'picolisp'
binary. It is needed to generate the '*.s' files.

Perhaps my suggestion in that answer to Randall's mail last week was not
very wise (copying the '*.l' files). A better idea might be to directly
copy the '*.s' files, i.e.

   src64/x86-64.linux.base.s  -> src64/x86-64.darwin.base.s
   src64/x86-64.linux.ext.s   -> src64/x86-64.darwin.ext.s

and then start 'make' in the "src64" directory. Does this work? It
requires just the GNU assembler, not a running PicoLisp.

I'm almost suspecting that "src64/sys/linux.defs.l" will indeed work on
any Unix. "src64/sys/linux.code.l" might be a little trickier, though.

- Alex
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