Hi Henrik & Randal,

> Alex, can that number of db files be reached (likely, not probable,
> impossible)???

>> Works, but I can't pretend to understand how the folder and file
>> naming wor= ks.
>> Anyway, how does it work, could this level be reached or is there a
>> stopper somewhere?

as far as I can tell, it is almost impossible because the directory
structure for blobs is not flat but it is a tree instead.  It looks
like the names of persistent symbols are represented as 'fmt64' or so,
and the (sub)directories and each letter of the name (except the last
one) is a subdirectory of the "blob" directory.  Thus, there can be up
to 56 (sub)directories (plus maximum about the same number of files
multiplied by the number of blob rel attributes: well, if you had lots
of those, there could be problems but you would have to try hard to
break it in this way).

I am interested in the details too though;-)


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